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Create the experience
you want to remember

Birth counseling ● Prenatal classes & workshops ● Childbirth Doula 


Information, education and support for a safe, positive and satisfactory
experience of your baby's birth

  • Childbirth doula since 2016, currently certified by the International Registry of Midwives

  • Over 300 families supported in welcoming their babies

  • Experience with home and hospital births, vaginal birth after 1 and 2 c-sections, breech birth and water birth

  • Doula trainer

  • Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

All my experience and knowledge are at your disposal, so that you learn about the options and choose the ones you consider best for the experience you want to live.

You are my priority!

Prenatal workshops

Currently offered monthly in Spanish and upon request in English as private sessions

Birth logistics and costs



Individual sessions to address specific issues, clarify doubts and/or explore options, according to the specific needs of the mother/couple



Accompaniment and support with logistical, physical and emotional preparation for your baby's arrival




Thank you Leiko, for being an angel of peace, for sharing your knowledge with us and letting us know that we are designed to give birth!


The information and the way in which Leiko explains the topics have shown us things that we did not know. It has made us feel safe to make decisions and have good communication with our doctor, and fearlessly await the arrival of our baby.
- Lourdes

What I liked most about Leiko is her patient attitude with the couple's decision making procres. In the first lesson she told us: “I am here to pass on all the information I have, to share with you my experience and my knowledge, but you will be the ones to make the decisions”
- Antonine


When I started the classes I was very afraid of what I would have to face during pregnancy and go through during childbirth, but with each class I would leave having more information and things to investigate that gave me the security that I feel today to face this birth of both the baby and ours as parents.
- Ninette

Excellent childbirth doula. I really liked her professionalism, treatment and the security that she transmits during labor that helped me to be confident and certain that everything would turn out well. I recommend her 100%

Leiko was just the company I needed as a doula. She respected and assisted in all my birth preferences, provided excellent support during my labor both at home and in the hospital and the first days of postpartum. 100% recommended
- Elia

Professional and passionate about what she does. Every pregnant person deserves a Doula like Leiko. I recommend her wholeheartedly. I was lucky to have Leiko as my Doula. My baby's birth was beautiful. All my preferences were respected. The safety, support and treatment I received is something I wish for every Mother.

Leiko accompanied me in my third birth and from the first day she knew well how to read my needs. She was a spectacular companion, respecting all my decisions and empowering me to overcome my fears. I had my dream birth, in part, thanks to her.
I would repeat with my eyes closed!
- Magdalena

Leiko is the coolest Doula in the world, from the day I made my first appointment with her I felt in the right place, I felt security, support and best of all I felt the confidence that my body was more than ready to give birth to my baby; el Negro and I will always be grateful to you.
We love you!
- Annabel

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