Childbirth Doula

I have trained as a birth doula with DONA International and am currently certified with the Registry of Midwives as a Global Doula. As your birth doula, based on my training, the latest pregnancy and birth research, and my knowledge and experience, I will provide continous support to you and your family to help you have a positive birth experience.


Doulas are not medical staff and therefore, in the role of doula, I do not diagnose conditions or prescribe medications, nor do I perform clinical tasks such as taking blood pressure or listening to the fetal heartbeat. My functions as a doula are focused on providing non-medical support in the educational, emotional and physical aspects to facilitate the process for you.

Evidence from clinical studies looking at the impact of continuous support during labor has shown the following benefits of working with a doula:


39% reduction in risk of cesarean section

15% increased chance of having a spontaneous vaginal delivery

10% reduction in the use of pain relief medications

38% reduction in the chance that the baby will have a low APGAR at 5 minutes

31% reduced risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

shorter labor

How can I provide you with support as your doula?


During pregnancy I can provide you with information that allows you to know your options and make informed decisions according to your preferences, define the logistics for the day of birth, establish exercise routines to correct or help with the positioning of your baby, help you prepare for the management of labor, as well as providing you with emotional support and suggestions for managing physical discomfort.

During labor and birth, I will provide you with emotional and physical support, suggesting and applying comfort measures to facilitate labor, in addition to providing you with the information you request and/or helping you obtain it if it is beyond my knowledge and also advocating for you if circumstances required it.

After the birth, in the immediate postpartum (first 10 days after delivery), I can support you with the initiation of breastfeeding, early newborn care and postpartum care.

How is the process to obtain my services as a doula?

Before hiring my services, we will coordinate a Zoom interview in which we will talk about what you want and what I can offer you, and thus discover if I am the right person to meet the expectations that you and your family have about the services I can provide.

If you choose to work with me, I will send you my Letter of Commitment, in which the operational and financial aspects are established and the hiring of my services is formalized.

I currently offer this service in three modalities so that you can choose the one that you consider best suits your preferences and needs:

¿De qué forma te puedo proveer apoyo como tu doula?


Durante el embarazo puedo proveerte información que te permita conocer tus opciones y tomar decisiones informadas acordes a tus preferencias, definir la logística para el día del nacimiento, definir rutinas de ejercicio para corregir o ayudar con el posicionamiento de tu bebé, ayudarte a prepararte para el manejo de la labor de parto, y además brindarte apoyo emocional y sugerencias para el manejo de molestias físicas

En la labor de parto y el nacimiento, te brindaré apoyo emocional y físico, sugiriéndote y aplicando técnicas y medidas de comodidad para facilitar la labor de parto, además de proveerte la información que me solicites y/o ayudarte a obtenerla si ésta escapa mis conocimientos actuales.

Luego del nacimiento, en el posparto inmediato (primeros 10 días después del parto), puedo brindarte apoyo con el inicio de la lactancia, primeros cuidados del recién nacido y cuidados posparto.

¿Cómo es el proceso para obtener mis servicios como doula?


Antes de contratar mis servicios coordinaremos una entrevista por Zoom en la cual conversaremos sobre lo que deseas y lo que te puedo ofrecer, y así descubrir si soy la persona adecuada para satisfacer las expectativas que tú y tu familia tengan sobre los servicios que les puedo brindar.

Si elijes trabajar conmigo, te enviaré mi Carta de Compromiso, en la cual se establecen los aspectos operativos y financieros y se formaliza la contratación de mis servicios.

Actualmente ofrezco este servicio en tres modalidades para que puedas elegir aquella que consideres se ajusta mejor a tus preferencias y necesidades:

Asesorías prenatales
Consultas prenatales
Talleres prenatales
50% de descuento
50% de descuento
Acompañamiento durante la labor de parto y nacimiento
Apoyo postnatal
1 sesión
1 sesión de orientación postnatal + 1 consulta en línea
2 sesiones + consultas en línea ilimitadas durante las primeras dos semanas
Beneficios en otros servicios aliados
Planes de pago sin intereses
Opción de pago con tarjeta de crédito a través de PayPal