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Do you have special circumstances for which you want guidance, such as correcting the position of the baby, vaginal birth after cesarean section, or home birth?

Not sure you know and understand the different options or which ones are best for managing labor and birth?

Have you heard so many things that you don't know what is true and you feel overwhelmed?


Each birth is unique and cannot be "controlled", but the level of security that we feel will directly affect the experience that we will live.

In the course of my professional life working with perinatal support, I have supported more than 300 families in welcoming their babies, both in various hospitals in the Dominican Republic and at home births. I put at your disposal my experience and knowledge so that on your journey towards the beginning of motherhood you obtain all the information and tools that allow you to always feel safe and empowered as the star of the process and so that you can choose the options that you consider best for you and your baby .


During the course of pregnancy, concerns may arise about what to do in the event of complications, how to manage labor and birth, or the care that the baby will receive at birth, especially if we do not know that there are more and better options than those that are presented to us or if we do not feel able to choose those that are best for us.


Currently I am the only Evidence Based Birth® Instructor in the country and as such I am trained to provide you with real information based on the best available evidence on topics related to pregnancy and birth, so that you can clear up doubts and concerns and make informed decisions according to your preferences that lead you to live the birth experience in a positive way.


If you have any particular concerns or you simply do not feel confident and prepared for the birth of your baby, let's schedule an appointment and get the answers that will allow you arrive with ease and peace of mind to the big day!

Among the various topics with which I can support you are:

  • Physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and labor

  • Diet and exercise recommendations for a healthy pregnancy

  • Positioning of the baby during the third trimester of pregnancy for delivery

  • Techniques for the relief of physical discomfort during pregnancy and labor

  • Preparation of a birth plan

  • Logistics for birth

  • Medical fees and clinic costs

  • Online teaching resources

  • How labor and birth healthcare works in the Dominican Republic

  • How to coordinate with your obstetrician and your support team

  • Insurance and other administrative aspects of care during pregnancy and childbirth

30-minute session where we will define  your objectives, identify your concerns and design a tailored strategy for you to achieve what you want!

30m session to address a specific topic on which you require information or guidance on professional options

60m session to address various issues and concerns or accompany you in the implementation of your birth strategy

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