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Childbirth doula

What does this plan include?


First prenatal session
(first week after hiring)


  • Family history

  • pregnancy history

  • Birth Expectations

  • What kind of support do you want/hope to receive from your doula?

  • Key points to discuss with your obstetrician or midwife

  • Administrative issues to discuss with your obstetrician/midwife, the clinic and your insurance company

  • General nutrition and exercise recommendations for a healthy pregnancy

  • Warning signs during pregnancy


Second prenatal session
(between weeks 32 and 34)

  • What techniques you plan to use for labor management and how your partner can help you

  • Coordinating your birth support team

  • Birth Preference List (Birth Plan)

  • Fears, doubts, concerns of the mother and/or partner

  • Exercise routine according to the needs you have at that time and for childbirth


Third prenatal session
(between weeks 36 and 38)

  • Exercises and positions to facilitate labor

  • How to identify the start of labor

  • Relaxation techniques during early labor

  • Practice of positions and relaxation techniques for managing contractions during the active phase

  • Practice positions for giving birth

  • How to handle contingencies

  • Logistics for the day of delivery

  • Doubts / clarifications

  • Final Review of Birth Preference List (Birthing Plan)

Unlimited access to all my prenatal workshops

  • You can take all my prenatal workshops at any time during your pregnancy and even repeat them whenever you want if you want to refresh your knowledge or invite the person(s) who will accompany you in the process.

Unlimited consultations during pregnancy

  • If any special situation arises or you simply want more information on any topic related to pregnancy, birth or immediate postpartum, I will be available to schedule unlimited consultation sessions throughout the pregnancy.


Prenatal monitoring 24/7
(week 38 until the day of birth)

  • Continuous support and availability 24 hours a day, every day of the week by phone, email or WhatsApp to answer any questions or provide guidance at the request of the mother/partner, pending the birth.


Day of birth

  • Continuous face-to-face accompaniment and support during labor and birth [1] from the moment the mother requests it, until she is resting in the room with her baby.

[1] If the birth will take place in a health facility (clinic or hospital), the obstetrician's authorization is required for the doula to enter the delivery room/operating room.

First postnatal session
(day after delivery)

  • Guidance on postpartum care for the mother

  • Guidance on basic newborn care

  • Breastfeeding counseling

Second postnatal session
(within the first 10 days after delivery)

  • Recounting the experience of childbirth

  • Follow-up and guidance postpartum care of the mother

  • Follow-up and orientation basic care of the newborn

  • Follow-up and guidance on breastfeeding

  • feedback

Postnatal counseling for 2 weeks

  • If you require guidance in the initial period of breastfeeding, newborn care or postpartum care, I will be at your disposal for unlimited consultations by call or videoconference.




  • JH Photography

Special maternity plan: 2h of photo session with unlimited changes of clothes. The final photos are edited and retouched if required. RD$5,000

  • Montserrat Bordas (Postpartum doula, Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Baby Sleep consultant)

10% discount on all services: post-partum doula, newborn care, breastfeeding, baby sleep, respectful parenting

  • Mami de la Loma Babywearing

15% discount on wraps and slings

10% discount on Neko or Fidella products

30% discount on babywearing coaching

  • Mommy Support Center (Santiago, deliveries nationwide)

5% discount on pregnancy, lactation and postpartum items

  • MomBag

10% discount on pregnancy, lactation and postpartum items


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