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In the course of the last 4 years I have been accompanying mothers and families through the process of the birth of their babies in the Dominican Republic in various private and public hospitals, attended by dozens of doctors.


Many of the families I have worked with have been foreigners or mixed couples, from countries such as France, the United States, Venezuela, Australia, Italy, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Russia, Ecuador, Brazil and the Netherlands, who have not they had an idea of how to handle themselves in the Dominican health system.


This lack of information often resulted in situations that not only negatively affected their experience of their baby's arrival, but also significantly increased expenses.


I noticed that the earlier they had the information, the better the results, so I decided to create this workshop to provide you with real and up-to-date information and knowledge about the local context, which will allow you to make better decisions for yourself and your family.


At the end of this workshop you will know:


• What are the best options in the DR for prenatal, birth and postpartum care, in terms of doctors and clinics.

• How to have clear communication with the doctor of your choice and how to identify if he / she is the right person for you.

• What they are like and how to efficiently handle things like prenatal checkups, clinic admission, labor, delivery, neonatal care, and billing.

• How to avoid overpaying

• How to handle possible cultural differences

• How to prepare for the birth of your baby (shopping, prenatal classes, labor and postpartum doulas, breastfeeding support, financial planning, etc.)


For only USD $ 30 (RD $ 1,750) you can have all the information you need to choose what suits you best, have a smooth and positive experience of the birth of your baby and even save hundreds of dollars!


give birth in

the dominican republic


8:00 PM EST (-4 GMT)


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