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Workshop: Birth Options



cost: US$ 30

We have heard of the "birth plan" as a tool to communicate to those who will be involved in the delivery of your baby about your preferences for labor, delivery and immediate care, but the word "plan" has a connotation of " control "which is far from reality, because birth is not something we can control. However, we can choose how we want to manage it and the care and support we want to receive from the team we have chosen.


But, how to choose the options that you would prefer if you do not know them?


The first thing is to clearly define your priorities, that which for you has an indescribable value. Then it is essential to know the options available (which are usually not obvious and tend to depend on the obstetrician, pediatrician and hospital you have chosen). And finally, also know about options in case the scenario turns out different than expected, so that you feel safe, calm and able to make decisions  even in the face of unforeseen events, YOU make the decisions that you consider best for you and your baby.

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